FIRST AID relocation services

Professional employee posting and employee integration

The posting of project employees abroad is one of the difficult tasks in international HR work and comes with great challenges. This requires care and sensibility with regards to the employee's requirements and a suitable environment of the new workplace is of utmost importance. With our relocation service, FIRST AID offers your company the complete support to integrate your employees quickly so they can focus on their work right from the start.

Relocation coordination

FIRST AID organizes and coordinates the relocation of your project employees to their new workplace and residence abroad. We take care of e.g. accommodation search, contracting movers, registrations and de-registrations and establish contacts with banks and insurance companies abroad. We support your expats when they apply for residence and work permits and accompany them on the relevant visits to the authorities in the country of their posting.

Integration and getting to know each other

As part of our full service package, we develop a suitable concept to integrate your employees which considers all participants. Our special service is, that we offer a first "getting to know each other" of the new location already ahead of the posting abroad. In addition to the professional integration, the acclimatisation to the new environment and the connected explanations of cultural features is an important aspect of the expatriates' satisfaction. If you wish, we support your expats further during the integration of their family abroad.

Onboarding solutions

With our onboarding solutions, we offer a calm and well organized arrival of your employees at the new location and accompany them right from the first day.  For this purpose, we are also reliably at your side as your first contact partner for any questions or problems and carry out e.g. the organization of obligatory medical checks and help with any necessary visits to the authorities.


We help with the organizational and content transfer of projects to ensure a controlled transition between leaving and incoming employees during international projects. We also take care of the final support and your project participants' relocation back home and are also at your side after the return of your employees as your contact partner for all subsequent topics.