FIRST AID - your relocation service from A to Z

Full service for all areas

In addition to packing boxes and furniture, a move abroad also entails substantial organizational and administrative tasks. You have to think about having water, electricity, gas, Internet and phone connected, to register or re-register your car and get suitable insurance cover abroad. FIRST AID provides professional help with these and many other important aspects of a posting abroad. Our experienced on-site managers support you with extensive advice, supply you with all necessary information and look after you whatever the topic.

Visits to authorities

In addition to registering your kids for school or nursery, there are also other authorities which you will have to visit once you arrive abroad.  The first visit is to register or re-register you at your new domicile. We support and advice you in advance with regards to applying for residence and work permits.

If you want to take your car abroad, then this has to be re-registered with the relevant authority. We provide you with in-depth information about this. You have to re-register your car and you driving license in person within 6 months after your move with the relevant registration office. We are happy to accompany you and help you with the translation or completion of the necessary forms.

FIRST AID takes care of all bureaucratic topics and personal wishes to a high level of personal commitment. Above all, it is our aim to make sure that you settle quickly in your new home abroad.

Banks, insurances and other contracts

Once you arrive abroad, we establish contacts for you with banks and insurances and accompany you to open a bank account which is an important condition for all upcoming contracts. FIRST AID works with different international banks which allows you to take care of all your financial business independently. We are happy to advice you with regards to all your questions or individual wishes concerning banking and your bank account abroad.

We support you to find the necessary insurance abroad to make sure that you are fully covered during your posting abroad. Contents insurance (in France this is obligatory), car insurance and for school age children a school insurance are recommended. Our on-site managers are happy to give you all the information which is relevant to you.

When moving abroad, it is also necessary to register with the electricity and gas provider after signing the rental agreement. We are happy to assist you and select with you the most suitable provider according to your wishes. FIRST AID carries out all necessary tasks and completes the registration with the gas and electricity provider including tariff selection. We are happy to advice you with regards to selecting the most suitable Internet and phone provider and ask you beforehand which services you may want to use.  We are happy to coordinate and organize all necessary appointments for the connection.