FIRST AID relocation service

For an easy move abroad

The location has been determined and now anticipation grows about the exciting tasks in the international project. If only you did not have to go through the stressful move first: No problem, FIRST AID is greatly committed to the smooth organization of your move. We help you find the right removals company and know all legal provisions with regards to import and export regulations. We show you your new home town during one of your company's approved "Look and See" trips before you make the final decision to accept the posting abroad.

Relocation service

FIRST AID guarantees you a professional and fast relocation service. We commission the right removals company, organize and coordinate possible furniture storage, organize the transport of your car and monitor all customs formalities.

Pre-visit to your new home

In many situations, you have the right to go on a "Look and See" trip before moving abroad. They usually last 3-5 days and in advance, you get all important information and tips about your stay abroad and your new environment. We will arrange the first useful contacts for your everyday life abroad and introduce you to the cultural characteristics of the country. We are happy to answer all questions and calm your worries around the posting and find solutions if there are any problems.

In addition to visiting your new location, the "Look & See" trip also includes a pre-visit to your new workplace so you can get an idea of your new work environment.  We accompany you to your new workplace and introduce you to your new colleagues and you can get an idea of the local company culture.

A "Look & See" trip helps you to make the final decision for or against a posting abroad and also helps to dismantle any possible insecurities about the unknown. So you can be very sure that you make the right decision.