Expatriate management with personality

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

FIRST AID makes the satisfaction of its customers a top priority; whether they are employees or employers. Our custom services support the implementation of international projects and help all participants to success. This includes for us an intensive training with regards to all individual requirements for a posting abroad and close support on location. Only those who know the requirements of their customers can ensure their satisfaction.

Every project with FIRST AID is preceded by an extensive planning process which is tailor-made to suite the client's requirements. In this way, we ensure that you have an overview of all occurring costs and possible risks at all times.

Individual services due to a holistic portfolio

Our portfolio includes the entire expatriate management process starting with process consulting, relocation management and site support.  We offer individual solutions for employers and employees which are always based on their specific requirements and wishes.

Success thanks to experience

Our staff have long-standing experience in international project and HR management and can estimate the risks of special projects in expatriate management and relocation management and give the necessary recommendation for action.

Extensive support

At FIRST AID, you always have a contact person available to talk about any topic of the project. This direct communication ensures that you are always promptly and comprehensively informed. You can focus on your core skills in the company before, during and after the completion of the project, since FIRST AID looks after all organizational and bureaucratic hurdles. Our field-tested processes in project and quality management and our clear communication structures ensure an all-round success of the posting abroad.

Empathy and dedication

The work in international and intercultural teams requires a lot of tact. We therefore work closely with all project participants and respond to individual requirements. This is the only way to ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction.