Relocation services to move back home

Your reintegration after the posting ends

In contrast to emigration, the time of your posting abroad is usually limited. Having gained many cultural impressions and a wide range of experience you return back home at the end of the project to face new professional challenges . You don't have to worry because we also accompany you back home and support you with all the necessary tasks. Enjoy the last days abroad and we take care of the rest.

Return journey

We clarify with you in a first conversation all the details of your departure and the move as soon as the end date of the posting is known. We discuss your individual wishes with regards to finding a place to live back home and organize the move with one of our partner companies. Once your new address is confirmed, we will organize that mail is forwarded and that all contracts with insurers, electricity, gas and Internet providers are canceled. This is no problem thanks to early termination rights. We coordinate all formalities for your de- and re-registration for your move back home.

We are also happy to help you to find suitable schools and nurseries for your kids back home and help your partner with the job search. Even at the end of your posting, we are your main contact for all relevant questions and individual wishes for your return back home and are happy to assist you with any queries such as e.g. tax.