Comprehensive relocation service for you and your family

Your move abroad with FIRST AID

In comparison to emigrating, a posting abroad has many advantages. Nonetheless, a posting abroad is a great challenge and there are many obstacles to overcome. We look after all the organizational details, so you can soon feel at home. We help you with the organization and coordination of your move, finding you a place to live, overcoming bureaucratic hurdles, getting your family settled and introduce you to the new environment with all its advantages. You don't have to worry if your language skills are not yet perfect. Our members of staff accompany you on all visits to authorities or viewings and translate all the information for you. This allows you to focus on your project work and you can get to know your new home without any worries.

FIRST AID helps you with topics moving and relocation preparations when you move abroad.

If you want us to, we can give you tips on how to get your family quickly settled abroad.

We support you with finding a place to live abroad and handles all the contracts for you.

We look after all the details which one has to consider when moving, so you not lacking anything.

At the end of your wonderful posting abroad, FIRST AID will help you also with moving back home.

Our document resource centre has a lot of information about postings abroad and shows what you should consider.