Munich - Capital of Bavaria

A Bavarian gem

Bavaria is mostly known for Lederhosen, Weißwürste and pretzels. These are, however, not the only attractions: Munich, the regional capital, has far more on offer. Munich is the largest city in Bavaria both in terms of inhabitants (1.42 million) and with regards to sheer size and is more diverse than most of the other cities in Germany. Next to posh fashion shops and classy restaurants there are the more rustic brewery pubs and small taverns, but it all works well together thanks to the warmth of Munich's people and their love for their city. The city is especially proud of its triumphant football team, the FC Bayern München, whose players are celebrated like royalty. You should not miss out on a football match in Munich.

Highlights of the city

In addition to Marienplatz, the landmark of the city is the Frauenkirche. The Gothic town church impresses mostly with its plain brick frontage and its interior. The Frauenkirche is also famous for its organ concerts. The Marienplatz is mostly known from championship celebrations by the FC Bayern München, who greet their cheering fans from the balcony of the city hall. The square around the Mariensäule has something on offer all year round, such as city festivals and the wonderful Glockenspiel. The city foundation festival in summer is a true highlight, during which the people of Munich celebrate with song and dance. Numerous restaurants and shops invite you for a stroll all around the Marienplatz. Munich's city center has free WLAN which allows you to browse the internet for current events. Naturally, the biggest highlight is the annual Oktoberfest. The Wiesn, as this fair is called by the Bavarians, has been celebrated on the Theresienwiese since 1810 and attracts about 6 million visitors from all over the world to Munich.

FIRST AID City tip

The Restaurant Thalassa Sendling is a special tip for a culinary evening. The food - at affordable prices - is excellent, the service is outstanding and the ambiance encourages guests to linger. If you prefer it a bit more hearty, then you should try Ringlers. This small snack stall has the best homemade fast food in the city. Café Luitpold is also rather rustic. If you want to party all night, then you will be right at home at Maximiliansplatz which features six nightclubs. The party atmosphere continues on adjoining Sonnenstrasse.