Dresden - Florence on the Elbe in Saxony

Big-city atmosphere

Those who have visited Saxony's regional capital are immediately captured by the charm of this beautiful city and its many attractions. In addition to the cycle and hiking routes along the Elbe, the Sächsische Heide or the nearby Sächsische Schweiz have many highlights on offer inviting you on relaxing walks or excursions.
Germany's twelfth largest city which is often referred to as the Florence on the Elbe due to its characteristic cityscape, impresses mainly with its Baroque and Mediterranean architecture in the city center. The popular landmarks in Dresden are the Frauenkirche, the Zwinger with its impressive art collection, the Semperoper with its renowned theater performances and the well-known Semper Opera Ball and also the golden monument of Augustus the Strong.

FIRST AID City tip

You can party all night in the trendy neighborhood of Dresden-Neustadt. The streets of the district are lined with bars, clubs and restaurants offering something for everybody. If you want to enjoy a cocktail in a cozy setting, then you should definitely call in at the BBC; you can get delicious coffee at Café Komisch, directly at Alaunpark. In June, a trip to the BRN, the street festival in Neustadt, is worth a visit.